API (v1.1)


Our API uses resource-oriented URLs that leverage built in features of HTTP, like authentication, verbs and response codes. So, any HTTP client should be able to communicate with this API without issues.

Before starting to use our API, you first need to get an API key. Please refer to our application or customer support on how to obtain it.


All information about this API is available here: https://www.vendus.cv/ws/v1.1/
Also, to access an endpoint documentation, you just have to append .doc to its name.


Rate Limiting

Your API use may have limits in place. If so, all responses will include headers describing the current rate limit status:

Rate-Limit-Limit: 100
Rate-Limit-Remaining: 99
Rate-Limit-Used: 1
Rate-Limit-Reset: 20

Headers meaning:

  • Rate-Limit-Limit - Total credit for current period
  • Rate-Limit-Remaining - Remaining credit for current period
  • Rate-Limit-Used - Number of credits used for this request
  • Rate-Limit-Reset - Number of seconds until the the credit count resets